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Nov 20
  • Registration and Reception
  • Start of Program
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Pitching Ideas
  • Voting for ideas
  • Teams Forming and discussions start
  • Team begin to work
  • Open Dinner


Nov 21
  • Open Breakfast
  • Working on Ideas
  • Lunch
  • Working on Ideas
  • Dinner
  • Working on Ideas


Nov 22
  • Open Breakfast
  • Working on Ideas
  • Lunch
  • Preparing for presentations
  • Final pitches (Judging and Awards)
  • Awards ceremony
  • Dinner
  • Goodbye
Platinum Sponsors

Mohsen Malayeri

Entrepreneur   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Mohsen is a startup and community enthusiast. He has been among organizers of the first staruupweekend in Iran, founder of Anetwork and Khavarzamin. Currently Mohsen is the vice president of Iran Entrepreneurship Association and he focuses on building startup ecosystem in Iran. Mohsen also provides entrepreneurs with mentorship and consulting and connects them with Venture Capitals and business angels.

Dr. Malek Naderi

Amir Kabir University of Technology

Dr. Naderi is the head of the Student Association Organization in Amir Kabir University.

Gold Sponsors

Said Rahmani Khezri

Investor, Entrepreneur

Said Rahmani Khezri is Founder, CEO and Vice Chairman of Sarava, the first VC/PE fund focused on investment in Internet and Ecommerce and incubation of technology startups in Iran. Prior to this he was regional general manager and country representative of Naspers in the Middle East. In this role he was responsible for business strategy, market development, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, regional investments, mergers and acquisitions and country operations.

Aminreza Vohooshi

CEO Rahnama Co

Amir is CEO at Rahnema. He started the company at 1999 in Isfahan while he was a student of computer engineering at Isfahan University of Technology. From early days, Rahnema has something important to say when it comes to electronic and mobile commerce. When the conditions started to improve for mobile value added services in Iran, Rahnema, with its mobile VAS brand Beep, had an important role in creating and developing the industry. Beep has created much value for mobile operators and their subscribers. Today, it is impossible to ignore Beep when talking about mobile.
Amir believes “focus” is the main secret in business success. He says that a company must focus only on the few things that it can be the best at in the market.

Zhale Mojib

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Consultant

Dr. Zhaleh Mojib is a veteran with more than 30 years of experience in expansion and development of technology IROST. She has consulted a lot of governmental agencies, enterprises and startups in the past decades. Dr. Mojib has played a key role in developing strategies and policies for the national entrepreneurship eco-system.
She is too keen to help technology entrepreneurs and loves to share her deep knowledge on startup developments. Dr. Mojib has been member of judgment committee in most of entrepreneurship and innovation national festivals.

Mehran Behnam

Entrepreneur, Business Analyzer   |  LinkedIn

Mehran Behnam has started his business from Tehran Bazaar 20 years ago. His talent is on localizing the new international business models in Iranian market. Mehran’s analytical power of competitive opportunities makes him a successful entrepreneur. He is one of the pioneers in market equilibrium with focus on customer preferences and satisfaction in Iran. He founded several successful companies such as, Pardis Bazaar, Haftsin Fanavari, Parsan Loh-e-Pardis. He is graduated from MBA program of Tehran University and currently is co-founder and CEO of Haftsin Kalaye Iraninan in the field of e-commerce. Its major activity is based on the first Iranian online hypermarket called Final.

Ehsan Mozaffaripour

Marketing/Branding Expert   |  LinkedIn

I am a telecom marketer with six years’ experience in a multicultural global operator, a technical background and an understanding of emerging markets. Started from product development and then added branding, communications and budgeting to the responsibilities, I gained the portfolio of marketing skills through this 6 years tenure. Digital revolution in media is the latest focus and recent successful practices gave me the passion and belief in the potentials. I have started with entrepreneurship and continued with entrepreneurial culture inside enterprises I have worked for. And this revealed to be the key for having productive teams and gaining business success.

Dr. Mohammad Amani

Amir Kabir University Incubator Manager

Dr. Mohammad Amani is an associate professor at Amir Kabir University of Technology. As part of the University's Incubator program, he works closely with young entrepreneurs to secure funding and succeed.

Dr. Masoud Sabaie

Head of Computer Science, Amir Kabir University

Dr. Sabaie has a PHD in computer engineering and networking. He has a great deal of experience in the production and development of software in many areas.

Dr. Ahmad Nikabadi

Amir Kabir University Faculty

Ahmad Nickabadi is an assistant professor at Amirkabir university of technology. His research interests include statistical machine learning and computational intelligence. As a member of the Amirkabir Robotics' teams he has successfully participated in many international competitions. He has also cooperated in several software development projects as a researcher, programmer or project manager.

Ayat Hosseini

Startup Consultant and Evaluator   |  LinkedIn

Ayat Hosseini is an experienced marketing consultant. She currently evaluates startups at ICT PASARGAD VC(SHENASA).
Her researches and workshops on marketing and branding is well known in International conferences.
She graduated from EMBA and MBA-Marketing Strategy form I.M.I.

Ehsan Golabgir

Founder & CEO,   |  LinkedIn

Ehsan has about a decade of E-commerce experience in starting up one of the first online shopping websites of Iran. In 2009, he founded, which managed to become one of the fastest growing online retailers in the country with 35000 different products.
He created the concept and the vision of taking the online shopping culture to rural areas of the country where the product availability was limited. in 2011, over a course of 8 months, more than 5000 ICT office representatives were trained to shop online for their villages through


Reza Hashemi

Serial Entrepreneur   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Reza Hashemi is both a visionary and accomplished entrepreneur with an in-depth technology background. He is widely respected as pioneer and founding member of the first major persian web startup, persianblog. Reza holds a Master degree in computer networks and systems architecture.
As an entrepreneur, he has founded or co-founded several companies, including a network security solutions firm, a hosted persian web publishing firm, an online advertising and Internet marketing company, and a managed cloud services company.

Masoud Tabatabaie

Buyex Founder   |  LinkedIn

Masoud started his professional career in 2002 as a web developer. He has managed many enterprise web base solutions as Project Manager and Solution Architect. He also held many .NET and Web technical courses for individuals and companies during last 10 years. In Jan 2012 Masoud and his co-founder launched a daily deal web site in Iran. Masoud is now CEO of Honopardaz and CTO of Buyex.

Neda Golshan

Iropoon CoFounder   |  

After graduating from Computer science in university of Tehran, co-founded an international organization,AIESEC in Iran to help students grow their potentials by exploring international experiences. With a thirst to getting to know the international business environment in a fast growing economy I pursued my studies in MBA in a well-known international university in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which the whole experience put me in touch with number of start-ups. All of which helped me to co-found iroopon, a daily deal website. I love cooking and documentaries beside making the world a better place!

Alireza Omidvar

Founder of CGRDC   |  LinkedIn

Alireza has been a manager at Atieh Bahar consulting, responsible for consulting outside firms in Iran. He is the founder and CEO of Iranian Network for Corporate Governance and Responsibility which has been working since 2006 to promote corporate responsibility in Iran.

Saeed Zanganeh

IT Business Analysis   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Saeed Zangeneh, is one of the young and active managers in the field of IT Business. He began his professional career as a developer and system architecture by working on web based ERP in Iranian National Gas Company since he was just 16. Parallel with his professional career, continued his education in the field of artificial intelligence. Saeed during his career era has gained the experience of working, consulting or administration in ICEPACK chain store, Iran Hepco, National Institutes of Standards and Industrial Research, ketab-e-avval urban information bank, Petiak Co. & etc in his resume.

Hadi Mahzarnia

Robotic and AI Expert

Hadi is one of the founders of the Robotics competition in Amir Kabir University. He has a lot of experience Startups and IT companies. He is receiving his PHD is Computer Engineering in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Davood Moradi

Telecommunications Expert

Dawood Moradi Garavand is a telecom startup guru. He has founded a number succesful telecom companies in diverse areas of networking, telecommunication, cluster computing and mobile services. He has established successful cooperation with international telecom players and consultants. He sees his success key in effective leadership of highly talented teams.

Morteza Alamolhoda

Recordium Product Manager   |  

Morteza is the Product manager in Pichak Company. He has won the award of the first event of StatrupWeekend in Tehran and now he is managing a product called Recordium. This product has a great success in international market. Morteza is working specifically on producing and marketing of such applications in App store and Google Play. He believes that all Iranian youth can compete in universal markets base on their creativity and abilities.

Fatemeh Shapouri

Team Lead and iOS Software Developer   |  LinkedIn

Fatemeh has 4 years of experience with iOS Software Development. She has several projects on Appstore and Cydia.

Mohsen Malayeri
Shayan Shalileh
Hamidreza Ahmadi
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