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Aug 14
  • Registration and Reception
  • Start of Program
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Pitching Ideas
  • Voting for ideas
  • Teams Forming and discussions start
  • Team begin to work
  • Open Dinner


Aug 15
  • Open Breakfast
  • Working on Ideas
  • Lunch
  • Working on Ideas
  • Dinner
  • Working on Ideas


Aug 16
  • Open Breakfast
  • Working on Ideas
  • Lunch
  • Preparing for presentations
  • Final pitches (Judging and Awards)
  • Awards ceremony
  • Dinner
  • Goodbye
Platinum Sponsors

Daniel Bartel

Startup Weekend Facilitator   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Daniel Bartel is a Digital Native, Consultant and Young Entrepreneur. He organizes Startup Weekend Stuttgart (Germany) and is specifically interested in Business Design, Design Thinking, Lean Startup and the Sharing Economy.

Jahangir Aghazadeh

A 20 years veteran of the business world with great knowledge and experience on corporate strategy, business development and innovation management. Aghazadeh has played a key role in establishment of early IT startups in Iran.

Mani Ghassemi

Smart Tech Specialist   |  LinkedIn

He has a degree in Industrial Engineering and focuses on mobile media activity. Participation in various TV Shows, Printed media and blogsphere made him experienced in the respected field. Being familiar with user base and friendship with developers plus working with important manufacturing companies made analyzing mobiles and applications market, one of Mani Ghassemi's specialties.

Gold Sponsors

Said Rahmani Khezri

Investor, Entrepreneur

Said Rahmani Khezri is Founder, CEO and Vice Chairman of Sarava, the first VC/PE fund focused on investment in Internet and Ecommerce and incubation of technology startups in Iran. Prior to this he was regional general manager and country representative of Naspers in the Middle East. In this role he was responsible for business strategy, market development, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, regional investments, mergers and acquisitions and country operations.

Aminreza Vohooshi

CEO Rahnama Co

Amir is CEO at Rahnema. He started the company at 1999 in Isfahan while he was a student of computer engineering at Isfahan University of Technology. From early days, Rahnema has something important to say when it comes to electronic and mobile commerce. When the conditions started to improve for mobile value added services in Iran, Rahnema, with its mobile VAS brand Beep, had an important role in creating and developing the industry. Beep has created much value for mobile operators and their subscribers. Today, it is impossible to ignore Beep when talking about mobile.
Amir believes “focus” is the main secret in business success. He says that a company must focus only on the few things that it can be the best at in the market.

Nazanin Daneshvar

Takhfifan, Founder & CEO   |  LinkedIn

Nazanin is the founder of Takhfifan. A primary successful group buying startup in Iran. She has been involved in many startups since last 5 years. She has valuable experience and knowledge to share with other enthusiast entrepreneurs.

Mohsen Malayeri

Entrepreneur   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Mohsen is currently the CEO of Khavarzamin. He is also a member of advisory committee at W3C. Mohsen is an energetic and passionate entrepreneur with successful business backgrounds.

Hessam Armandehi

Founder of Bazaar   |  LinkedIn

Hessam is the founder of Bazaar, the leading mobile app store in Iran. The platform is now connecting tens of developers with hundreds of thousands smartphone users.
After graduating from Sharif University, he studied Business Design at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and has gained practical experience in innovation system of Sweden by helping out startups at Encubator and Chalmers Innovation business incubators.

Zhale Mojib

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Consultant

Dr. Zhaleh Mojib is a veteran with more than 30 years of experience in expansion and development of technology IROST. She has consulted a lot of governmental agencies, enterprises and startups in the past decades. Dr. Mojib has played a key role in developing strategies and policies for the national entrepreneurship eco-system.
She is too keen to help technology entrepreneurs and loves to share her deep knowledge on startup developments. Dr. Mojib has been member of judgment committee in most of entrepreneurship and innovation national festivals.

Pejman Dashtinejad

Entrepreneur   |  LinkedIn

Entrepreneur, start-up mentor and public speaker. While Pejman has experience of working in companies like Google and Ericsson, his lifelong passion of entrepreneurship has made him to follow dream of launching his own company in Europe. He has an educational background in both engineering and business but prefers to hack business challenges more. He is interested in topics such as entrepreneurship ecosystem, accelerators, lean startup and angel investment.

Yashar Bashirzadeh

Sibche COO   |  LinkedIn

Yashar is an MBA graduate from Tehran University. He is one of the managers of “Dadehpardazan Hamrah Iranian”, a company that develops apps for domestic and international markets. Sibche is one of this company’s many projects. Sibche is the first and only iOS app market which provides a suitable platform for iOS developers and users in Iran.

Ayat Hosseini

Marketing and Branding Consultant   |  LinkedIn

Ayat Hosseini is an experienced marketing consultant. She is the vice president of marketing and branding at ICT PASARGAD VC(SHENASA).
Her researches and workshops on marketing and branding is well known in International conferences.
She graduated from EMBA and MBA-Marketing Strategy form I.M.I.


Reza Hashemi

Serial Entrepreneur   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Reza Hashemi is both a visionary and accomplished entrepreneur with an in-depth technology background. He is widely respected as pioneer and founding member of the first major persian web startup, persianblog. Reza holds a Master degree in computer networks and systems architecture.
As an entrepreneur, he has founded or co-founded several companies, including a network security solutions firm, a hosted persian web publishing firm, an online advertising and Internet marketing company, and a managed cloud services company.

Ashk Fathi

Startup Mentor   |  LinkedIn

Ashk is an experienced technology startup mentor. He has advised and helped a lot of startups at Jahad Incubator Center. Ashk is very passionate to support startups to succeed.
He is a great public speaker and his recent speech during Iran Web Conference about "Startups Life Cycle" has attracted a lot of attention from the community.

Nasser Ghanemzadeh

Startup Mentor & Lean Startup Expert   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Nasser is an experienced startup mentor. He has deep knowledge on Lean Startup and he has been organizing several workshops on those topics in all over Iran.

Nasser has helped a lot of entrepreneurs to use lean startup practices to reach success.

Shahin Katebi

Software Architect & Developer   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Shahin is a software developer which has a great experience working on various software platforms like MacOS, iOS, Windows, etc. and has developed many desktop, web-based and mobile applications so far. He is the founder of Development Group and is working with several Iranian and overseas companies at present as well. He has also held some successful workshops and helped developers wet their feet with the real world coding.

Sepideh Gheysar

Mobile UI Designer   |  LinkedIn

Sepideh Gheysar, hails from Tehran, Iran, is a passionate Mobile designer for iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications. She has been working professionally on this field for a couple of years. Her ultimate aim is to enhance the way people interact with mobile applications. It is also worth mentioning that she was among the lecturers of the First Professional Iran App Festival. She's currently studying Masters of IT Management in Electronic Businesses.

Sallar Kaboli

Software Developer, UI Designer   |  LinkedIn

Sallar is a well known software developer who is deeply passionate about art. He is mainly focused on UI/UX design and coding. He is the Co-Founder of ZigZagLab, a web/mobile development studio based in Tehran.

Mohammad Amiri

Sofware Architect & Developer   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Mohammad is an active developer on android applications. He also has some articles about high performance and animation standard in android OS and is developing a library in this context. He is currently working at Khavarzamin co as a Technical Manager for Anetwork.

Reza Mohammadi

Co-founder of Bazaar   |  Google+

Reza is a cofounder and CTO at Congenial Mobile. He is the behind-the-scene engineer of Bazaar and has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Sharif University of Technology. After graduation he co-founded a company called Zeerak, where he designed and developed a wide range of projects using state of the art technologies. He has been a Python and Django fan and expert ever since. He later co-founded Congenial Mobile. Formerly he was senior developer of FarsiTel, a localized version of Android. Currently he leads the design and development of Bazaar.

Keyhan Asghari

Co-founder of Divar   |  LinkedIn

Keyhan is the cofounder of Divar with great experience in Android and Java development. He also has played a significant role in Bazaar’s development. During the last couple of years he lectured and assisted Java and Android courses at Sharif University. His main role at Congenial Mobile is to provide great user experience in mobile applications.

Farid Khaheshi

Rahnama COO

Farid is Chief Operating Officer at Rahnema. He was involved in creating one of the first mobile payment solutions in Iran ( while receiving his MBA from Sharif University of Technology. He believes that the first choices a startup makes are the most important decisions made by that team ever, and hence, they must be made meticulously. Thus, Farid believes that thinking about a good business model and a sound strategy plays a very pivotal role in making a successful startup.
In this program, Farid will help the teams to find a good differentiation in the competitive market and focus on that differentiation to win the competition.

Asma Karoobi

UX Designer   |  LinkedIn

Asma is the founder of "1st Tehran UX Conference" and a big UX fan.She works as a Online product and UX Designer and has a lot of experience in user-centered design. She has an MBA from Mahan Business School and is now studying for her masters in EMBA from Industrial Management Institute. She is also experienced in eMarketing and eBranding

Mohsen Malayeri
Shayan Shalileh
Hamidreza Ahmadi
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