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This event will held in the Engineering faculty of Tehran University for the first time, organized by Nahal Group and co-organized by Engineering faculty of Tehran University and ACM student branch.

We will be glad to meet you.



Feb 26
  • Registration and Reception
  • Start of Program
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Pitching Ideas
  • Voting for ideas
  • Teams Forming and discussions start
  • Team begin to work
  • Open Dinner


Feb 27
  • Open Breakfast
  • Working on Ideas
  • Lunch
  • Working on Ideas
  • Dinner
  • Working on Ideas


Feb 28
  • Open Breakfast
  • Working on Ideas
  • Lunch
  • Preparing for presentations
  • Final pitches (Judging and Awards)
  • Awards ceremony
  • Dinner
  • Goodbye

Iman Davoodian

Global Facilitator

Iman is a Startup Weekend Global Facilitator . As an organizer, he has been heavily involved in the development of Startup Weekend in Iran.He has organized Startup Weekend in Tehran and Birjand. He is also the founder of Ghabilie specializing in IT-related news.

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Reza Hashemi

Serial Entrepreneur   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Reza Hashemi is both a visionary and accomplished entrepreneur with an in-depth technology background. He is widely respected as pioneer and founding member of the first major persian web startup, persianblog. Reza holds a Master degree in computer networks and systems architecture.
As an entrepreneur, he has founded or co-founded several companies, including a network security solutions firm, a hosted persian web publishing firm, an online advertising and Internet marketing company, and a managed cloud services company.

Neda Golshan

Iropoon CoFounder   |  

After graduating from Computer science in university of Tehran, co-founded an international organization,AIESEC in Iran to help students grow their potentials by exploring international experiences. With a thirst to getting to know the international business environment in a fast growing economy I pursued my studies in MBA in a well-known international university in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which the whole experience put me in touch with number of start-ups. All of which helped me to co-found iroopon, a daily deal website. I love cooking and documentaries beside making the world a better place!

Hamid Reza Asaadi

CEO of Maxa   |  LinkedIn

Hamid is the co-founder and CEO of Maxa Co. and also holds the CTO position of Software Quality Lab. at University of Tehran. As a software quality veteran, his startup is the first company in Iran focusing solely on testing and tuning the quality of enterprise software. Inspired from lean startup ideas, he is now restructuring his business to boost up its performance.

Ata Khalighi Sigaroudi

Co-founder of PersianBlog and CEO of PooyaSoft   |  LinkedIn

Ata is a well known, serial entrepreneur in Iran's web community. His experiences as one the co-founders of the Iranian popular blogging service (PersianBlog) and other successful startups such as Eranico, has been a true gift for other startups/teams as well. Currently as the CEO/CTO of PooyaSoft Co., he mostly spends on managing his software development teams, working on web based applications and new web services.

Ali Nemati Shahab

Strategist and Business developing consultant   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Ali Nemati Shahab is a MBA and business development manager of a Management Consulting firm. During his career, he worked as a management consultant and business analyst for some of the major public organizations and private businesses, and also some startups. His main expertise is strategic planning and design of business models and organizational systems.
He has a blog called propositions ( in the field of business management and professional skills. He also worked as a writer and translator for some of the most prestigious specialized business management publications in Iran.

Arash Milani

co-founder of Narmand   |  

Arash is a product designer that calls himself a full-time student of design, entrepreneurship and teamwork. He is known for his passion and desire to share everything he has learnt along his journey of product design, leadership & agile thinking. He and his team at Narmand has been working on designing usable software for academic users since 2007.

Roozbeh Moniri

Business Analyst, Serial Entrepreneur   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Graduated from Bsc, post graduated from MBA, Roozbeh is a creative entrepreneur, amazing and powerful Mentor. he has founded several Industrial-Commercial and Service-Based Businesses such as Pejwak Enterprise Solutions ltd. beside professional Business Analytic and Solutions, He has been designing and facilitating creative managerial/organizational workshops using "Active Learning" methodology therefore playing an effective role in skill training and applying field knowledge for his audience.

Mohmmad Javad Izadi

Software engineer

Mohmmad Javad has done his bachelor and master degree in software
engineering in technical faculty of university of Tehran. Mohammad
Javad has 7 years of experience in software field and has worked in
companies like Mapna, Maxsa and Datis of Khorasan. He also have
experience of running B2B startup in Maxsa company. He has good
experience in teaching and consulting like running professional Linux
& Java classes and helpin running development team in Datex company.
Mohmmad Javad which is called M.J. has more creative mind & full of
idea than the things he has done in real world.

Alireza Ashoori

CEO of Base communication of people & faces   |  LinkedIn

He is the media consultant of Shagoosh series and Ghand pahloo comedy
series. Alireza got his Mechanic bachelor degree from technical
faculty of university of tehran. But his real expertise is in graphic,
design and running media. From news agency website which he has
founded we can name "Ghalam News", "Tadbir", "Salamat Iran" and
"Shafaghna". He was also one of the 1st influential people in running
Internet TV. In his first steps, started his work in a web design
startup which from its products we can name "Chehre News" and two
other conncetion network "Chehreha & Mardom" and "Shaghsiatha &
Nokhbegan" websites.

Mehdi Samimi

Organization Development Consultant

Mehdi Samimi after educating in Managing filed of study in Sharif
university, has been active in managing human resources, organization
development and programming strategy in various organizations as a
expert and teacher consultant in educational workshops. Due to his
love to entrepreneurial field, aside from his activities he also have
experience in running small businesses and giving consult to
entrepreneurs and of course designing business models.

Farid Amoozegar

COE of Rabin

Farid is founder & CEO of "Toose-e Pardazesh Hooshmand Rabin" company
which is concentrated on making Android and iOS applets. Farid has
graduated from University of Tehran in Software engineering filed. He
is very keen on giving management consult and running innovative
business and new ideas. Before running startups in Fanap and Samat
company in the responsibility of expert and project manner, manager
of human resources and the consultant of the CEO. He believes on
respecting the consumer ideas and earning money shouldn't be the only
goal. Always in our product an important need of consumer must be
resolved. He also love to make you understand what you really need.

Sallar Kaboli

Software Developer and User Interface Designer   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Sallar has been developing software for web and designing user interfaces for web and mobile for more than 10 years. He is obsessed with art and details and tries to mix technology with art. He has worked on different projects like 31shab, BaaEmail and Ladybug and now he is also working with the Acopio (a social network for professionals) team as the lead front-end engineer.

Amir Mirdamadi
Fatemeh Farokhi
Saeed Sazegari
Nahal Group
ACM student branch in University of Tehran
Industrial Engineering Scientific Associate
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