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Nov 7
  • Registration and Reception
  • Start of Program
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Pitching Ideas
  • Voting for ideas
  • Teams Forming and discussions start
  • Team begin to work
  • Open Dinner


Nov 8
  • Open Breakfast
  • Working on Ideas
  • Lunch
  • Working on Ideas
  • Dinner
  • Working on Ideas


Nov 9
  • Open Breakfast
  • Working on Ideas
  • Lunch
  • Preparing for presentations
  • Final pitches (Judging and Awards)
  • Awards ceremony
  • Dinner
  • Goodbye
Platinum Sponsors

Jahangir Aghazadeh

A 20 years veteran of the business world with great knowledge and experience on corporate strategy, business development and innovation management. Aghazadeh has played a key role in establishment of early IT startups in Iran.

Ali Hajizadeh Moghadam

Technical Manager, Saman Bank   |  LinkedIn

Ali Hajizadeh Moghadam has been involved with startups since the early days of Internet in Iran. He is currently the technical manager of Saman Bank's e-services.

Dr. Ahmad Mojtahed

Professor, Member of Pardazeshgaran Saman Board

Since 2010 Dr. Mojtahed has been involved with the development of Saman Bank as its manager. He is also on the board at Iranian Credit Bureau & Scoring Company and Pardazeshgaran-e Saman Company.

Said Rahmani Khezri

Investor, Entrepreneur

Said Rahmani Khezri is Founder, CEO and Vice Chairman of Sarava, the first VC/PE fund focused
on investment in Internet and Ecommerce and incubation of technology startups in Iran. Prior
to this he was regional general manager and country representative of Naspers in the Middle
East. In this role he was responsible for business strategy, market development, strategic
partnerships, joint ventures, regional investments, mergers and acquisitions and country

Fariborz Nejad Dadgar

CEO of Taliya Telecomunication

Mr. Dadgar has held many CEO positions in many telecommunications companies. He helped bring wireless communications to Iran for the first time. He is currently the CEO of Taliya Telecommunications company.

Gold Sponsors

Rowan Yeoman

Facilitator, Startup Weekend   |  LinkedIn

Rowan is a Startup Weekend Global Facilitator from New Zealand. As a national organiser, he has been heavily involved in the development of Startup Weekend in New Zealand. Acting as a facilitator, organiser, mentor or participant in almost all of the 8 events hosted so far in New Zealand, he has seen the power of Startup Weekend to impact people's lives and propel them to great things. Rowan is passionate about developing startup communities and has seen firsthand how Startup Weekend can play a key role in making this happen.
Rowan is also an entrepreneur and investor and has a passion for building and working with great teams.

Mohsen Malayeri

Entrepreneur   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Mohsen is currently the CEO of Khavarzamin. He is also a member of advisory committee at W3C. Mohsen is an energetic and passionate entrepreneur with successful business backgrounds.

Zhale Mojib

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Consultant

Dr. Zhaleh Mojib is a veteran with more than 30 years of experience in expansion and development of technology IROST. She has consulted a lot of governmental agencies, enterprises and startups in the past decades. Dr. Mojib has played a key role in developing strategies and policies for the national entrepreneurship eco-system.
She is too keen to help technology entrepreneurs and loves to share her deep knowledge on startup developments. Dr. Mojib has been member of judgment committee in most of entrepreneurship and innovation national festivals.

Mona Zehtabi

Tehran University Professor

Dr. Mona Zehtabi is an educator and faculty member at the Entrepreneurship Center at Tehran University. She has a doctorate in business management with a focus on IT and online entrepreneurship. She has written many article and books relating to those fields.

Kaveh Zonooz

Investor, Entrepreneur   |  LinkedIn

Caveh Zonooz is an Iranian-German serial entrepreneur and investor. He is focused on enterprise solutions delivered as a service (SaaS). His company, direktzu® is stated as one of the most successful startups by the startup magazine in Germany. In 2011 the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has approved direktzu® as a inevitable management tool for successful CEOs.

Hamidreza Fathallian

Investor, Enterpreneur

Mr. Hamidreza Fathalian is one of the well-known, leading web-developers in Iran and Germany as well. He has 20 years of experience, almost as one of the first leaders of Iranian web site development. He is now the consultant of the general manager of HAMSHAHRI and is known as one of the investors in web development projects. His energetic manners and high experiences in this field, has led and made related companies be more active in business development and information Technology.
He is also now, the senior consultant of Tadbir Gostaran Co.-the largest application developer in the Middle East.

Technology Investment Manager   |  LinkedIn

Dr. Farid Mobasser is an entrepreneur and business development expert. He founded KYA, a successful high-tech startup, in 2006 and has extensive experience in development of technology based ventures. He has won numerous prestigious entrepreneurship and innovation awards. Currently, Farid is technology investment manager of Turquoise Partners.

Ali Hajizadeh Moghadam

Technical Manager, Saman Bank   |  LinkedIn

Ali Hajizadeh Moghadam has been involved with startups since the early days of Internet in Iran. He is currently the technical manager of Saman Bank's e-services.

Bagher Bahri

Founder and CEO of Atena Group

Bagher has spent years as the vice-president of the National Computing Syndicate . In recent years as founder and ceo of Athena Group he has helped setup many companies in the Information and Hardware Security sector.

Silver Sponsors

Shayan Shalileh

Co-founder of Webna   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Very few people have done as much for the Iranian Web ecosystem as Shayan. He started to write about the startups and Iranian websites since 2003 in Iranian Web News Agency (Webna). He also co-founded the Iran Web Festival (IWF), the leading event to honor excellency among Iranian websites.

Ashk Fathi

Startup Mentor   |  LinkedIn

Ashk is an experienced technology startup mentor. He has advised and helped a lot of startups at Jahad Incubator Center. Ashk is very passionate to support startups to succeed.
He is a great public speaker and his recent speech during Iran Web Conference about "Startups Life Cycle" has attracted a lot of attention from the community.

Asad Safari

Agile and Lean Coach   |  LinkedIn

Asad is an Agile and Lean facilitator. He one of the most active people in Agile education and popularization in Iran.
He is the founder of "Iran Agile Community" and "Iran SCRUM Institute"

Ata Khalighi Sigaroudi

Co-founder of PersianBlog   |  LinkedIn

Ata is one of the founders of popular Iranian blogging service, (formerly which eventually turned into the biggest community of Iranian in the Internet in the year 2008.
Currently as the CEO/CTO of PooyaSoft Co., He spend most of his time on managing his software developing teams to create web based applications and new web services.

Reza Hashemi

Serial Entrepreneur   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Reza Hashemi is both a visionary and accomplished entrepreneur with an in-depth technology background. He is widely respected as pioneer and founding member of the first major persian web startup, persianblog. Reza holds a Master degree in computer networks and systems architecture.
As an entrepreneur, he has founded or co-founded several companies, including a network security solutions firm, a hosted persian web publishing firm, an online advertising and Internet marketing company, and a managed cloud services company.

Roozbeh Moniri

BUSINESS ANALYST   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Roozbeh is an experienced business analyst. With his IT and Business background he will be able to help the teams to achieve their goals.

Soroush Ayoubi

Entrepreneur   |  LinkedIn

Soroush achieved a lot of experience in web development and project management because of collaborating with some companies to provide IT solutions since 2000. Soroush co-founded his first startup - mindudio and currently he is co-founder of Sisarv - healthcare marketing professionals - and is responsible for business systems architecting.
Studying at software engineering and MBA convinced Soroush to believe that IT and MBA are essential elements for creating a brilliant future.

Pooya Rajamand

Software Engineer   |  LinkedIn

Pooya is a web-based software engineer who incorporates creativity in all his projects. He is one of the co-founders of Webzzz and Khavarzamin System.

Majid Alavizadeh

Founder of Majidonline   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Majid has founded and managed MajidOnline since its inception. The site has helped solve many design, programming related problems. He has now started his own company building and consulting websites for different businesses.

Mahdi Taghizadeh

Software Architect & Developer / Scrum Master   |  LinkedIn

Mahdi's main focus is on Microsoft .NET related technologies such as ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API C#, WCF, etc. He was co-founder and the President of Digital Persia Corp. since 2002 until 2010. He is currently a senior project manager at Yara Information Technology and has also co-founded Dipudio as well as managing the technical team of

Amir Sorouri

UI / UX Designer   |  Google+

Amir is a ui/ux designer. He also specializes in SEO and web marketing. He has founded WebTarget Solution and co-founded Karazmoodeh, where he teaches web design.

Touraj Saberivand

Graphic Artist   |  

Touraj is a graphic artist, designer and teacher, specializing in minimalism. His work has been included in more than 40 exhibitions all around the world. In recent years he has worked on corporate branding and advertising.

Abbas Mousavi

Educational software developer

Since his graduation from Department of Mathematical Sciences, Sharif University of Technology, Abbas Mousavi has involved in many online educational projects as educator, designer, coordinator, consultant or web architect. From two years ago, he is actively working on iOS platform, designing games and educational experiences. His fields of interest includes scientific programming, creative programming, data mining and visualization and social/educational game design.

Hamid Akhavan

Web Developer / Internet Marketing Specialist

Hamid Akhavan has been started his professional work in web design and development area since 1381. He has long experience in UI design, online marketing techniques and web optimization methods. During this time he had very close cooperation with companies in Iran telecom market such as Laser telecom , Aryacell , Shima TV and Taliya.

Behrang Norouznia

UI/UX Developer / Scrum Coach   |  

Behrang has been involved with software design and development for the past 10 years. He has been the project manager in many e-banking related projects.

Hamidreza Kazemi

Java Developer and Architect

Hamidreza has been designing and developing of web-based software for the past 10 years. He is currently working at Pardazeshgaran-e Saman working on e-banking related projects

Hossein Hosseinzadeh

Strategic Planner, Manager

Hossein Hosseinzadeh has graduated from Sharif University and Ottawa University. In the past 28 years he has been involved in the field of emerging technologies as an entrepreneur and manager of private companies.

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